WCA/ Town & Country Disposal
22820 S State Route 291
Harrisonville, Missouri 64701
WCA observes Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day as holidays and pick-up will be delayed by one day if regular collection falls on one of those days.
Accepted materials include advertising flyers, inserts, catalogs, cartons, chipboard (cereal, shoe, gift tissue boxes) newspapers, aluminum and tin cans, plastics etc. Please rinse items before placing in the recycling bin. Paper material is best placed in a paper grocery sack inside the bin.

Unacceptable recycling materials include ALL GLASS, drink pouches, egg cartons, used paper plates, cereal or cake box liner bags, plastic lids, 6-pack beverage holders, scrap metal, tissue paper. Heavy cardboard is not recyclable at this time and will be collected with trash.