Building Permits

Building Permits & Guidelines
Click on the link below to view or download a PDF version of the newly published Construction & Remodeling Requirements Brochure.
These guidelines apply to all homes in the Leawood Homes Association (LHA) and Leawood Estates Homes Association (LEHA).  Subject area includes approximately 3,000 homes south of Somerset to I-435, and State Line Road to Mission Road.
Homeowners and contractors or architects are required to submit plans to the Deeds Restriction Committee for approval on any exterior changes to the property.  Failure to do so may slow or stop your project until plans have been reviewed and approved.  The Homes Associations have taken legal action in the past on this issue – please adhere to this requirement to avoid costly delays.
Most plans are reviewed in a matter of days; however, 14 days should be allowed.  Please provide elevations, diagram of footprint on the lot (site plan), diagram of concrete driveways and walls. Landscaping plans may also be required.  Samples of siding or trim materials may be requested for approval. If approved, a letter of approval and permit sign will be sent to the homeowner. If not approved, a letter will be sent to the homeowner detailing the areas in question and you will be asked to re-submit your plans with those changes required for approval. Changes involving more than 25% total additional square footage will require a certified letter of notification to homeowners within 500 feet of subject house. The Leawood Homes Association and Leawood Estates Homes Association strongly believe that strict enforcement of architecture and construction standards is vital to maintaining quality, consistency and high property values in Old Leawood. With your cooperation, we can work together to make sure that our neighborhoods continue to rise in value while maintaining the character and beauty we enjoy.
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City of Leawood:  913-339-6700,
Building Guidelines
Size of Remodel or New Construction
The size of the project shall not exceed 20% of the existing building area with its footprint.  Some variations may be approved.
A minimum of 45% green space is required on any given lot.  This does not include the house, porch, deck, patio, garage, driveway, or walkways.
A maximum building height of 30’ above foundation grade, or no more than 50% higher than houses on either side is required.  1-1/2 story designs are recommended  in neighborhoods where existing single story homes are dominant.
Design of Building
Remodels shall match the existing materials, roof lines, eave heights, and massing of the original house.
In all projects, all four sides of the building shall be constructed to the same standard of design and maintain consistency in architecture.
New houses and additions to existing homes shall avoid long monotonous, uninterrupted walls or roof planes.
Additions shall match the existing style of the home.
The street facing elevation shall contain the typical elements of each style.  For example:
Cape Cod design – divided windows, brick molding, traditional siding material
Contemporary -  skylights, casements, awnings, picture windows, vertical wood siding..
All new and remodeled homes shall be designed to appear compatible in size to the neighboring homes.
Infill - New Construction
Builders shall strive to blend new homes into existing neighborhoods by using materials traditional to the original development
Brick, stone, lap siding and limited use of stucco all create designs compatible with neighboring houses.  No T1-11 shall be allowed as a siding option.  Aluminum and vinyl siding are prohibited.  Concrete lap siding is permitted.
Stucco may be used for the base of the house, but design details shall be of different materials – wood, stone or brick
Homes association board must be contacted prior to demolition of property.
Any property owner without an immediate plan to build must level the lot and plant grass or sod within 2 weeks of demolition to reduce erosion and runoff issues.
Vacant lots shall be maintained in accordance with City of Leawood ordinances.  Grass must be mowed and weeds kept under control.
Permitted Materials
Finished Concrete
Plaster Stucco
Metal for Detailing & Awnings
Lap Siding
Metal clad and vinyl clad windows meeting or exceeding the following AAMA/NWWDA 101/1.S.2-97 Design Specifications.
When choosing exterior paint colors, be considerate of surrounding homes and blend in with the neighborhood.  Extreme colors are discouraged.
For further details of minimum standard of construction requirements, refer to Leawood Design Ordinance 16-2-10.1