Tree Trimming & Maintenance

Recommended Street Trees
Shantung Maple
Silver Linden
Lacebark Elm
Shumard Oak
Trimming Trees
Your Homes Association has formulated a plan to systematically trim 3,486 street trees every four years by having four Zones I, II, III, & IV. The trees will be trimmed when the leaves are out so that the dead limbs and branches can be more easily detected. Dead wood up to 1 inch in diameter can remain ("mother nature" will do the job). Limbs and branches are raised approximately 15 feet above the street (to provide clearance for trash & moving van trucks) and to balance the tree on the yard side 8 to 10 feet above ground level.

Zone 4 will be trimmed in the winter of 2018
Zone 3 will be trimmed in the winter of 2019
Zone 2 will be trimmed in the winter of 2020
Zone 1 will be trimmed in the winter of 2021