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Temporary Yard Signs
Temporary yard signs as allowed by Leawood Development Ordinance Section 16-4.
These rules are enforced by the city codes department.
No limit on number of signs – see total aggregate size below.
Total square footage on any lot, in the aggregate, shall not exceed forty-eight (48) square feet, with no individual sign exceeding sixteen (16) square feet.
4’ x 4’ sign = 16 square feet.  Three 4’x4’ signs = 48 square feet
3’ x 3’ sign = 9 square feet. Five 3’x3’ signs = 45 square feet
Signs shall not exceed five (5) feet in height.
No sign shall be illuminated or painted with light reflecting paint.
No sign shall be placed closer than 5 feet to edge of the pavement or curb of the street.
All temporary signs must be maintained in a state of good repair.