Neighborhood News

Trash/Yard Waste/Recycling Collection
Thanks for everyone's patience as we work with Town & Country (WCA) to improve the timeliness of trash collection. The LEHA Board has been in contact with Town & Country to improve communications and the service our association is receiving.
As you may have heard, Town & Country was purchased by WCA Waste Corporation. WCA has experienced difficulty in trash/recycling pick-up as they hire new workers and satisfy all of the work and safety requirements. This same situation is being experienced by other associations and cities across the metro-area.
The Board will continue to push Town & Country (WCA) to provide the service levels that our Association requires.
If you experience a delayed pick-up please be patient - but notify us if it hasn't been picked-up by Wednesday evening.
Trash & Recycling Containers
Each home should have two 65 gallon containers - one for trash (black lid) and one for recycling (blue lid).  Please have your trash and recycling carts to the curb by 7:00 AM on trash day. The pick-up schedule remains the same.
Yard Waste (will continue as in the past)
Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, sticks/twigs) will be collected all year.  Collection in January through August, you may leave up to eight bags or bundles at the curb.  In September through December, there are no limits.  All yard waste must be placed in paper bags.  Plastic bags are not permitted.  Containers may be used if marked “yard waste”.  Sticks/twigs must be tied in bundles no larger than 18 inches in diameter and 3 feet in length.
Thank you for your support and patience during this period. 
If you have questions please contact Town and Country at (816)380-5595
or Home Association Solutions at 913-825-0001