Island/Monument Maintenance

The Homes Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 32 islands as well as for the upkeep of monuments, such as statues and columns, located on private property. 
We greatly appreciate the willingness of homeowners who have, over the years, assumed the duties of landscaping and yard care around monuments located on their property. Please keep plantings around any monument to 24 inches or less for traffic safety.  Also, contact the Homes Association office if the monument needs repair or improvement.

As for the islands on our many cul-de-sacs, the Homes Association relies on the generosity of homeowners to keep the islands looking great. While the Homes Association maintains statuary, mows and mulches, we welcome and encourage adjoining homeowners to continue “adopting an island” by planting flowers on the islands and keeping the islands watered.  Your efforts not only keep the islands looking attractive but also help us stretch our limited budget in providing routine maintenance and improvements to the islands. Please contact us in advance if you anticipate incurring an expense that you feel needs to be reimbursed. 
Decorating statuary and/or islands with seasonal/holiday decorations is acceptable.  However, the addition of statuary and/or monuments is not permitted. 
Thank you for your continued help. Our property values appreciate these visual points of interest!